Is it worth it?

Occasionally I am told by clients or potential clients that some of my prices are “expensive.” This is always a bit confusing to me, considering I’m actually kind of middle-of-the-road for pricing on photographic services in my area. Just yesterday I was discussing this with my husband, when he began telling me how thankful he was that I am a photographer because he would be unwilling to pay the amount of money it would take to support my habit otherwise. This statement also made me thankful I am a photographer. It might have been a deal breaker early in our relationship otherwise. Truly.

You see, I insisted on booking our wedding photographer before I even had a ring on my hand – before my husband-to-be had even talk to my dad in fact. My husband picked the date, and I picked the photographer. The photographer was out of the price range that I knew my parents would be willing to pay, and I knew it. I didn’t care, and I was more than willing to pay the extra (or full price) myself. To me, it was worth it. In fact, our photographer took up more of our wedding budget than my dress. It was that important to me. The memories were that important to me. Too often I had heard (and continue to hear) horror stories of couples hiring Aunt Sally or receiving “photography services” from a distant cousin as a wedding gift, just to be left with horrible quality prints, or worse, no prints at all. I’ve seen this played out in all areas of photography, not just weddings.

With this fresh on my mind, I happened across the following through a friend’s Facebook post.

A letter on my door step. portraits are more than paper.

Now the next time you hear someone say they “can’t afford,” professional portraits or they “don’t have time,” please forward this to them. What kind of price do you put on your memories? Are they worth more than a few dinners out? Whether you choose to have me photograph your child, family, or event, or not – please choose someone. Don’t put it off. Don’t make excuses. Make the time. Skip the restaurants for a weekend or two, and schedule a date with your family and a photographer.

Make the memories, and have those memories captured.

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